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Routine Septic Maintenance

Pumping your septic tank is probably the single most important thing you can do to protect your system. If the buildup of solids in the tank becomes too high and solids move to the drainfield, this could clog and strain the system to the point where a new drainfield will be needed.

Here are two reasons why you should consider finding a company you can trust and making sure your system has regular maintenance:

  1. Maintenance is cost effective. Poor maintenance results in failed systems. Replacement costs are thousands of dollars, whereas a periodic pump-out is $200 - $300 (depending on the size of your tank).
  2. The health of your family, your neighbors and the environment. Failed septic systems can allow untreated sewage to seep into groundwater, wells, and bodies of water such as the ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds and drainage swales. Untreated sewage contains disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Regular maintenance and will prevent the unpleasant situation of finding yourself scrambling for information in an emergency. Please take the time to educate yourself before you call a service company for your septic system. Stories of homeowners who ended up paying upwards of $1000.00 to have a septic tank pumped out in an emergency situation are not uncommon. Don’t let someone take advantage of your pocketbook!

The maintenance schedule of a septic system is not the same for every situation. Factors that influence the optimum maintenance schedule for a septic system are:

  1. Daily sewage flow
  2. the individual household wastewater characteristics
  3. The system size and components

Proper care of your system requires day-to-day management as well as periodic maintenance. In almost all cases pumping a tank once every three to five years is adequate maintenance. Schedule your routine maintenance now by calling 561-848-2928 to protect your investment in your home and property, protect your family's health, and protect your environment.


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